Working with AI

Working with AI

There have been a lot of talk about AI lately.

Even if you’re not working with AI, you have most definitely already used an AI at some point (Have you ever used a spam filter? Done some online shopping?  Contacted a customer support and received not-to-helpful answers, that was probably a chatbot trying to help you out).

While it’s not all positive, AI has some great benefits when we’re implementing automated processes. For instance, it can do the “heavy lifting” and do repetitive tasks without getting bored. It’s also great at analysing large volumes of data super fast.

AI tools might be clever and knowledgeable, but mainly they can help us doing repetitive and boring tasks. They can’t replace the expertise of a human skill sets in specialized areas.

Chatbots are popular and can be both fun and helpful.

For example, they could help you with

  • writing resumes and cover letters
  • explain how something works
  • write blog posts
  • suggest titles for you blog post

I asked ChatGPT to suggest a title for this very post, here are the suggestions it came up with:

  • “AI and Automation: Making Your Life Easier”
  • “The Benefits and Limitations of AI in the Workplace”
  • “Chatbots: More Than Just a Gimmick”
  • “Integrating AI into Your Workflow with Mindburp and Zapier”
  • “The Power of AI: Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity”

Not too shabby, bot! 🤖

mindburp & ChatGPT

If you want to try AI out in mindburp you can!
We have created a Zapier template that automatically converts any tagged Slack message into a burp.

ChatGPT helps interpret the Slack message into a burp title.
What a great way to save some time 😉

You can find our Zapier template here:

We will soon be adding more AI driven templates.
Let me know if you have any requests for specific templates! 🤖 /Kazzi