Want to test pre-release versions of mindburp?

What is the Test Pilot program?

Get access to pre-release versions of mindburp and give us feedback on new features and updates.

By becoming a Test Pilot, you’ll help us find bugs, glitches and other problems before we release new versions to the world.

Want to become one of our Test Pilots?

Send us an email at topgun@mindburp.se letting us know that you want to sign up.
Send the email from the same address you use to sign in to mindburp*!

We’ll get back to you with information on how to sign in to the pilot version.
The number of spaces are limited, so we can’t guarantee that you get a spot!


*you need a mindburp account to become a Test Pilot. If you don’t already have one, sign up here

What to expect

As a Test Pilot you’ll get access to pre-release versions of mindburp. This means you get to test out new features (sometimes even PRO ones!) & updates before anyone else.
This version is still a work in progress, meaning you get to test out new features buuut there may be some bugs or other issues.

Whenever you encounter an issue we would be very very very very happy if you let us know about it.
You’ll get all the info about how to do so in the email with your test pilot signup information!


Please note that features may come and go in the pre-release versions.

Can I still use the regular webapp?

Yes! You can still login at app.mindburp.se as usual.
All content you create in the pilot app will be available in the regular version and vice versa, but some features may not be available in the regular app.

Please note, as all content created in the pre-release versions will be available in the regular version, it  counts towards mindburp’s limits. For example, if you create 999 burps in the pilot app, you can create only 1 in the regular app (the limit is 1000).
Read more about limits

How to leave the test pilot program

You can eject at any time and go back to using the normal webapp! Just login at app.mindburp.se

If you haven’t been active in the beta version for 2 months, you’ll loose your Pilot privileges (you’ll keep your regular account of course!).

All terms and conditions remain the same as for the regular version of mindburp.