Collaboration tricks

How to collaborate better (and have fun in the process)

Effective collaboration brings a lot of benefits.

  • Can help problem solving – explaining a problem to your team mates can really help in solving problems
  • Provides opportunities for growth – you might be forced to come out of your comfort zone
  • Inspires value – A good team gives all members a sense of purpose, and they find reasons to work together

Without any further ado – here are a few great collaboration tricks

Have fun!

Contrary to popular belief, taking breaks in between work increases productivity.

You can use breaks to create bonds between team members.
One efficient way of building relationships is by organizing team games.
Games are a great way to teach employees to trust each other’s judgment and communicate effectively.
Playing games as a team collaboration technique act as an ice-breaker, and they get a chance to connect with each other.

Also, socializing with co-workers outside the work opens channels of communication and helps build a good
rapport between team members, and thus, boosts team collaboration.


For easy collaboration between team members, effective communication is a must.

One big risk in any project is team members missing out on critical information.
Make sure to have routines and tools in place to be able to share information easily.

A project manager is responsible for creating an environment where team members trust each other to share information, challenges, and, most importantly, feedback.
They should feel comfortable to voice their opinion and find help from each other. Only then, it can help sustain a harmonious environment at the workplace

Using a collaboration software – .:: mindburp ::.

One of the best and modern collaboration techniques is to harness the power of online collaboration software.
mindburp is an easy-to-use and effective collaboration software! 😉

Set clear goals and expectations

When there is a clear understanding of the project roles, each team member works efficiently.
If a team has fun together (see tip 1!) they become naturally passionate about their goals and objectives.

If the goals are not defined, they will find all kinds of reasons to not work together.
Goals provide a purpose that needs to be achieved.
It helps break down barriers and create a positive environment both on an individual and team level.
In mindburp you can add checklists to burps to clarify what needs to be done to achieve a goal!

Leave prestige at home

For a team to thrive and innovate, there needs to be a sense of community and safety.
Reasoning and ideas should be regularly heard, and constructive feedback can provide room for improvement.
Corporate success is a joint effort of every member involved.
Research shows that 82% of employees feel that their efforts are not recognized enough by their supervisors.
In fact, 40% would put in more effort if they thought it would be recognized
Make sure to show that efforts are being valued!

We hope you have found these collaboration tricks useful!
Effective collaboration is the key to success for every business — whether big or small.