Share the workload

How to effectively delegate tasks

How can mindburp help you delegate tasks?

Using mindburp PRO you can easily assign tasks to anyone you shared a list with.
Use the description to clearly specify the goal of the burp.
If you need to go into more detail, create a checklist to specify the steps required to get the job done.
Set recurring due dates to make sure your colleague gives you updates about how the job is going.
Use the comment-function to ask questions – this is a good way to keep a two-way communication.

As you can see, assigning burps in mindburp PRO is easy, but there are a few things to consider to get the most out of sharing the workload.
Delegating is important, nobody should do everything themselves.

Effectively assigning tasks will maximise your productivity and that of your team. It will lighten your workload but also give your colleagues a chance to learn new skills and feel trusted.

Many studies shows that we often fail to delegate effectively. Why? There are several myths and misconceptions about delegating that can make some people wary of handing tasks to others.

Delegating is not just passing off work to someone else.

Delegation can be a chance to make workloads more manageable and also provide a valuable teaching opportunity for your colleagues.
Delegation is not a sign of weakness.

I can do the work better myself

Myth (well, not always).
We tend to evaluate a work product more highly if we ourselves are involved in its production.
Many of us also tend to think that work performed under the control of a supervisor is better than work performed without as much supervision (this is something that several managers were proven wrong about during the pandemic. Many were forced to work from home – and the work still got done with the same quality – or even higher!)

Letting go is difficult

Accepting that you can’t do everything yourself is important. Just give up that constant feeling that you must be ‘the-go-to-expert’. It takes courage and confidence. Just remind yourself that you want your entire team to be as successful and skillful as you!

Delegating will take longer than just doing the work

Well, this might be true the first time you delegate a type of task, but over time you will save more and more time because (hopefully) you won’t have to be involved in it at all.

So, how do you delegate effectively?

When assigning tasks, it is essential to make sure the person who is receiving the message understands what you expect from them.

  • Delegate the right tasks. If a task require a special skill set that no-one but you have, that’s not the right task to delegate.
  • Choose the right person for the job. People have various strengths and weaknesses, and different skill and experience levels.
    You should consider the task at hand, and think of who would be the most appropriate.
  • Do they have the time?
    Consider the tasks deadline to make sure that the person will have enough time to complete the job.
  • Communication
    Be clear about the deadline, the details of the task and what’s expected.
  • Provide supervision and guidance
    Do you need to micro-manage or macro-manage?
    It depends on the skill level of your team member. Maybe weekly check-ins is enough? Maybe every day?

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