How to find your Zen

How to find your Zen – or simply getting burps out of your mind and into mindburp ☯️

Finding your zen (or making your work space calm, happy, and productive) is not always easy.
Our brains work in mysterious ways. Whenever we leave a task unfinished – the mind tends to dwell on it, seeking our attention.
Our minds tries to help us by focusing on the things that require our attention and discarding the things we’ve already taken care of.
But this is somewhat counter productive since we perform at our best when we focus on just one thing at a time,
yet we may have lots of unfinished tasks seeking our attention and effectively distracting us – not very zen!
We end up stressing and ultimately risk doing a worse job. 😬

Luckily, our mind is sometimes easy to satisfy! Simply making a plan to complete our tasks is enough to satisfy our brains – we feel in control.
So burps and lists provide a nifty shortcut to getting tasks off your mind until you actually need to work on them – and finding your zen! 😛

That’s why it’s so important to have a system to quickly and efficiently keep track of new tasks.
With mindburp you can add a task anytime anywhere from whatever platform you’re using — in seconds.
That means you can always be confident that everything you need to do is accounted for.

Below are the quickest and easiest ways to add burps to mindburp (some of them you may know about, others you probably don’t).

Quick Add

Works on all platforms.
Maybe the simplest way to add burps is via Quick Add,
Simply type your burp title end press enter!


Works on all platforms.
Simply send an email to your burp bucket.

But wait – there is more?

Yes – we are working on even more quick and easy ways to add burps – we will keep you posted! 👩‍💻