did you pay the insurance?

How to pay your bills on time

Boring things tend to slip our mind more easily than fun stuff 🙃
It’s not very common to forget to book a vacation, but most of us have probably missed paying the bills at some point, right?!

Also, stuff that only needs your attention once or twice a year is very easy to forget.
May it be remembering to pay the electrical bill, book dental appointments or renewing your insurance – let mindburp help you out!

By using the due date and reminder features, you can easily get reminded by email, push notifications and/or in-app notifications.

Due dates

The due date is what decides if/when a burp shows in the 7/30 days filters.
Depending on your settings**, burps will also show in the Overview filter.
Just start your day/week by having a quick look in the filters and see what’s on your list for the upcoming week.

We’ll send you a push notification and in-app notification on the actual due date.


Got something really important? Then setting a reminder is the way to go!
We’ll send you an email* on the day of the reminder.

So, for instance, if your burp is about renewing your insurance before the 1st of November (the due date), set a reminder a few days before. It’s always nice to check things off your list with some time to spare 😎

Set a reminder to renew your insurance - or whatever it is you need to do!
Set a Reminder

User settings

Go to your settings to manage your preferred way of receiving notifications.
* You can set how many days before the due date a burp should show up in the Overview filter
**You need to enable email notifications to receive reminders.

Manage your notification settings for due dates, reminders etc.
Set a Due date, Reminder and add a short description

💡 Want to know more about notifications and other features? Please check out our Knowledge base!