How to work with Burp checklists

Recently we added a new feature to Burps –  checklists.

Checklists are great for any Burp which requires multiple action items/steps, it’s easy to forget something when a Burp contains multiple steps in order to be completed.
Using ‘in-burp’ checklists helps you get a clear outline and also helps you instruct an assignee on how to complete the Burp at hand.

When you have Burps that require multiple steps to get finished, it’s easy to feel like you never getting anything done. Checking off each step is a nice way to celebrate the small wins 🎂

Let’s check out a simple example on how you could use an in-burp checklist, let’s assume you have a List ‘ Blog’.
It may look like this:

mindburp list

Let’s take a closer look on the burp ‘Blog post’.
(💡 here it’s a good idea to use recurring due dates. For instance, set a recurring due date on every 3rd day if  your goal is to publish new posts every 3rd day)

In this burp you have a checklist:

mindburp – burp checklist

Woah that’s a lot of steps! 😅

But as you can see, with a checklist it’s easy to see your progress without any worry that you’ll forget an important step.

Maybe you and your colleagues take turns writing posts? This type of checklist is an excellent way to know that your posts will go through the same ‘quality assurance process’.
When you’ve posted your content, you can easily switch who’s assigned the Burp and let it be your colleague’s responsibility to write the next post 💡