Morning routines

We are creatures of habit, and routines offer a way to promote wellness – if you have the right routines that is 😉
Good routines can manage your stress levels, improve health and help you sleep better.

I think very few of us have no morning routines whatsoever.
But our morning routines may be accidental as opposed to carefully thought out.

I have found that a deliberately planned morning routine have given me higher energy levels which makes everyday life easier.
My morning routine is very simple, since I don’t have the energy for anything fancy in the morning.


During sleep your body can get dehydrated, so I hydrate it first thing in the morning.
If you are prone to suffer from headaches, drinking water in the morning can really help!
But don’t over-hydrate, your body will get water from what you eat, 2-3 litres of water per day is usually enough.

I love coffee in the morning, but delaying my coffee intake have proven to give me more energy.

Avoid digital media

Digital media often leads to stress and feelings of being inadequate.
By avoiding scrolling through flows you can avoid stress and achieve a higher sense of calm and a better start of the day.
I think we are better of breaking this habit and staying away from our phones for a few hours (yes, you hear me right: HOURS!).
Give it a try and tell me what you think!


Apart from helping wake your brain, your cardiovascular system and warming up your muscles – exercise also helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle!
In other words – exercise can help you sleep better and waking up more rested!
The goal of the morning exercise is to get your body ready for the day and to elevate your energy levels.
Start with a morning stretch if a full cardio workout is too demanding, and remember that you don’t have to do cardio workout every day.
Carefully choose a morning work out that you find enjoyable and stick to it!

I personally prefer a indoors workout that focuses on both flexibility and strength that lasts at least 45 minutes.
Unless I am sick or travelling, I exercise every day before breakfast.


We are often told that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. In my humble opinion, that is highly debatable.
What time you eat breakfast and what you eat is most important.
I cannot skip breakfast, but don’t eat breakfast before 10am.
My breakfast is high in fibre and healthy fats and low in sugars (well, to be honest I do eat the occasional waffle, I confess 😇)
I also eat dinner before 7pm (with occasional exceptions).
I have found that intermittent fasting (letting the digestive system rest for at least 14 hours a day) have lowered my blood sugar and given me more energy.
Intermittent fasting have also helped regulate my weight (I have now gained a few extra kilos – a big achievement for me)!

I would advise you to plan a morning routine that works for you!
It might sound boring to stick to the same routine every day, but when you adopt a morning routine, it will soon become a good habit.

Take care, and happy mornings! /Kazzi