Starting a new job or assignment

To start a new job or assignment can be daunting, but also offers many opportunities.
A new beginning presents the perfect time to reflect and evaluate. What worked out great last time, and what could be improved?

Start at the top

Before you begin, make time to write down things that will help you getting started, those things can be
on-boarding tasks, start up meetings or work tasks. A great tip is to create different lists to keep track of different tasks.

Pst! It’s easy to keep track of lists and tasks (burps) in mindburp!
The ability to set colours and icons on lists and priority on burps will help you get a good overview.


Make sure to sprinkle with a few encouraging emojis – these might help brighten your day when you are feeling stressed out.
Also, try to break down larger tasks into smaller pieces.
This will not only help you acknowledge the progress you are making but also make big tasks fell more manageable.

Stay on top of your tasks

Remember to set due dates on burps that has a deadline – also add reminders to your most important tasks to make sure you get notified in time.
This will help you avoid that ‘oh my’-moment when you realise you missed the boat. 😬🚢

With a little planning (and the help of mindburp) the process can be made much easier – and even more enjoyable!