Food pantry

Keep track of your pantry using mindburp

You don’t need to be a hardcore prepper to have a pantry of a backup food supply – just in case.

Using mindburp, you can easily keep track of your pantry and get reminded when it’s time to renew items.
Of course, you can use this for your regular pantry as well!

There are many, many, many websites out there with great tips on what to keep in your prepper pantry.
Our two main tips would be:

  • Choose foods with a decent shelf life.
    Look for things like canned foods, nut butter, tortillas, oil, dried herbs and so on.
  • Stock foods that you usually eat.
    Don’t keep things in your pantry that you wouldn’t normally eat. This way you can easily rotate items and never have to let your backup pantry go to waste when foods reach their best-before-dates. Sure, you may not eat canned meat in your regular diet, but maybe it can make a great lunch sandwich or an omelet?

How to make a pantry list using mindburp

  1. Create a List and name it something like ‘Backup pantry’
  2. Share the list with everybody in your household that share the responsibility for the pantry
  3. Create a Burp for every item in your pantry.
Pantry list in mindburp
Create a Burp for every item in your pantry.
  1. In the Burp, set the Klart-datum to the best-before-date
  2. Set a Reminder a reasonable number of days before the best-before. For instance, if you know it will take you and/or your family 2 weeks to finish a bag of rice, then it would make sense to set a Reminder 3 weeks before the best-before.
  3. Add a short Description of the item. How many portions is it? What brand (makes it easier to find the specific item in your pantry)
  4. When ever you get a reminder that an item is getting close to it’s best-before date, it’s rotation time! Buy a replacement, switch the item in the pantry and update the burp with a new Klart-datum and update the Reminder.
mindburp pantry item
Set a Due date, Reminder and add a short description

This is a great way to keep your pantry up to date!

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