The art of learning

When growing up school teaches us that learning comes from the discipline of memorisation and the retention of facts.
In real life memorisation is a useful tool —but more is required from us if we want to truly learn.

Better safe and sorry?

To acquire a new ability we need to be consistent and persistent.
In a broader perspective — learning requires us to be open to a long-term process that comes at the expense of previous comfort or safety.

Reality check

In real life learning does not only come from books — we learn a lot from other people.
That is why having a mentor can be very important when starting a new learning journey.

Also – surrounding yourself with people that are different from you will help flexing your “learning muscles”.
People different from you will give you new perspectives and insights while also challenging your believes and “truths”.
Of course, it’s more comfortable only surrounding yourself with a like-minded crowd — but this will, in the long run, cripple your learning.


I am guessing you spend a lot of your day in front of a screen of any type (computer, smartphone, or TV for example). 
This is a good way to attain information and stay informed (and entertained) – but not very good for reflection.

To learn effectively it is important to take time to reflect.
If you have been studying, listening to a podcast, or immersed in a problem solving scenario – take a break and go for a undisturbed walk in a nearby park or around your neighbourhood (don’t use your phone on the walk!). This will help clear your mind and see things from a different perspective.

If you find it difficult to make time to reflect – why not create a daily reminder to take an undisturbed walk? 😉

Embrace challenges

Yes, embracing challenges might be easier said then done – but strive to leave your comfort zone!
Take bigger steps than you normally would and be willing to take calculated risks and welcome new experiences.

Happy learning!