working from the pool

Working from home during summer

Do you find it hard to find the motivation to work when the sun is shining outside, the pool is at the perfect temperature and your brand, new swimsuit still has the tags on it?
Maybe you want to relocate your home-office to the beach, pool or campground for a day or two?

Here’s a few ideas that may make ‘work from home away from home’ easier 😎

Mobile hotspot

Sure, many popular places to hang out (including beaches and campgrounds) have wireless internet.
However, the internet speed isn’t always great. A mobile hotspot can provide you with your own fast and private internet source.
There are many options to choose from, we really like Nighthawk® M1 Mobile Router from Neatgear.

Courtesy of Netgear

Solar powered USB Charger

Make use of that blazing sunshine and keep you phone (and laptop) charged with a portable charger.
If you just need to keep your phone’s battery charged, there are many affordable options to choose from. How about this one from BigBlue

If you need to charge your laptops’ battery as well, one option is this 95-Watt Hour power bank from GoalZero.

Courtesy of Goal Zero

Sunglasses with Bluetooth headset

Take phone calls while staying in (summer) style as well as protecting your eyes.
A pair of Bluetooth sunglasses leaves you free to engage with the world (is that waves I hear?) while discreetly taking work calls.
How about this pair from Bose – Bose Frames Tenor

Courtesy of Bose

Baseball cap with fan

It’s important to keep that brain of yours from overheating.
For long days in the sun, this solar powered cooling fan cap may do the trick.

Large inflatable ring

Got pool or beach access? What could be better than taking customer calls while floating around on an inflatable donut? (This may require a Rugged Laptop, or really good balance + a 100% splash free pool…).

Camping chair

If you prefer camping rather than hanging on the beach, a good outdoor office could be a great thing for you!

This remarkable camping chair comes with an adjustable tilting table – prefect for laptops. It has a laptop pocket, accessory pouches and not one, but two wine cup holders – very handy for long video conferences!  

Courtesy of Amazon

A stocked cooler

It’s extra important to stay hydrated when working during hot summer days. Be sure to get a large cooler and fill it with your favorite summertime drinks. (And fill up those TWO outdoor-laptop-chair wineglasses, remember ?!)
A cooler can also make for an excellent desk area, just park yourself in the shade, dip your toes in the sand and get to work.

Wishing you a happy (& productive) summer! 🏝